Steel cantilever gate - PAF version

Steel cantilever gate - PAF version

Capacity: maximum opening of up to 10.5 m
Track: Steel
Movement: Straight
Hangers recommended for motorised version

Our SLIDSFOFT online configurator will guide you in sizing your gate and the concrete elements as well as in choosing the right track and hangers. It offers a design that makes the structure lightweight and strong.

The sliding system for steel cantilever gates does not include a ground track.

The gate slides on two hangers fixed into a concrete element on the counter-balance side.

After adjustments have been made, the rollers are in contact with the top and bottom of the track for smooth operation - without the gate tilting in any way.

Beam track onto which the gate frame is welded.

The gate can be installed on ground that has not been stabilised (soil, grass, gravel, etc.).

Less groundworks required – only needed for the concrete elements.

No ground beam required.

Operation unaffected by ice or snow.

Operation unaffected by soil compaction or subsidence.