SAF 10-80

SAF 10-80

Capacity/Door: 80 kg
Track: Aluminium
Movement: Straight

SAF-Evolution built on feedback...

From users: sleek design and silent operation!

  • 4 new-generation SILENCE dampers
  • New SAF-TECH hanger
  • New COMPLETE pelmet with a sleek look

From installers: simple, reliable and easy-to-install!

  • New SELF-CENTERING adjustable plate
  • New FLEXI-CLIP pelmet fastening system
  • New CONNECT track
  • New FLEX-ADAPT adjustable brackets
  • Installation time reduced by 30%

From distributors: a wider offer with less product references!

  • All-in-one sets for over 80% of applications
EPD* Number of cycles* Fabrication25 years guarantee