4000 series - Up & over doors (6255 track)

Capacity/Door: 350 kg
Track: Galvanized
Movement: Up & over

Easy to install.

  • Balancing with counterweight: easy to install and avoid all risks of disadjustment.
  • Safety: integrated parachute system (slide and paracute hanger).
  • A range adapted to doors of wide dimensions (up to 450 Kg).
  • All our doors can be motorised.
4000 series – Up & over doors (6255 track) - Image 1

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  • Hanger


    Ref: 4655

    Hanger with 2 steel rollers mounted in a roller frame; Door capacity 350 kg. Corresponding track: 6255.

  • Guide


    Ref: 4656D

    Guide with safety brake, right-side version (R). Corresponding runner: 4272.

  • Guide


    Ref: 4656G

    Guide with safety brake, left-side version (L). Corresponding runner: 4272.

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